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Instafame : graffiti and street art in the Instagram era / Lachlan MacDowall
VerfasserMacDowall, Lachlan In der Gemeinsamen Normdatei der DNB nachschlagen In Wikipedia suchen nach Lachlan MacDowall
ErschienenBristol, UK ; Chicago, USA : Intellect, 2019
Umfang174 Seiten, 31 ungezählte Seiten Bildtafeln ; 23 cm : Illustrationen, Karten, Diagramme
SchlagwörterInstagram In Wikipedia suchen nach Instagram / Streetart In Wikipedia suchen nach Streetart / Graffito In Wikipedia suchen nach Graffito / Geschichte 2010-2019 In Wikipedia suchen nach Geschichte 2010-2019
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Instafame charts the impact of Instagram - one of the world's most popular social media platforms - on visual culture in the mere eight years since its launch. MacDowell traces the intuitive connections between graffiti, street art, and Instagram, arguing that social media's unending battle for a viewer's attention is closely aligned with eye-catching ethos of unsanctioned public art. Beginning with the observation that the scroll of images on a sideways phone screen resembles nothing so much as graffiti seen through the windows of a moving train, Macdowell moves outward to give us a wide-ranging look at how Instagram has already effected a dramatic shift in the making and viewing of street art